Archive iPhone Backup Step 2. Now connect your Time Machine backup drive and Enter Time Machine. Select the date and time from which you need to restore the backup. You need to go to below path to check your iPhone backup’s available in Time Machine. ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ ~ represents user’s home folder on your Mac.

iphone - iTunes cannot backup into Time Capsule - Ask I have tried both doing a clean backup into the Time Capsule and relocating my current backup thereto and then doing an updated backup. I suspect it may something to do with permissions so I also tried allowing Airport disks guest access using an older version of AirPort Utility (5.6) but it didn't help either. Apple time capsule - how to verify a backup. - Apple Apple time capsule - how to verify a backup. Ive just purchased a new computer. I have an Airport timecapsule and the backup are up-to-date ready for transfer to the new computer. My question relates to verification of the back-ups. Alternatives to Time Capsule | MacRumors Forums

How can I access my Time Capsule remotely with iCloud

Accessing Files From a Time Capsule on an iPad : Tech Yeah Sep 09, 2013 5 Days for Initial Time Machine Backup to Time Capsule

Apr 26, 2018

Backup location. Backing up to a network drive or Time Capsule can take significantly longer than local or external drives backups. If your backups to a network drive are not finishing: Connect to your network drive via cable for the first backup (if applicable) How to browse Time Capsule files with your iPad or iPhone Follow our simple step by step guide to browse your Apple Time Capsule with your iPhone or iPad. These details apply to TimeCapsule and to AirportExtreme devices with attached USB hard drives - where 'TimeCapsule' is mentioned below, if you have an AirportExtreme, the same applies.