She called the ISP and got the login information to the Netgear and I looked through all the settings but did not see any setting concerned with VPN Passthrough. I looked through the manual online but didn't any reference at all to VPN Passthrough.

NETGEAR Business has leveraged Insight Management’s intuitive and simplicity solution to implement the easiest VPN set up and configuration of the market in the “Insight Instant VPN Router” (BR500). Access and protect your data from anywhere VPN passthrough? Quick Explanation HERE! | NordVPN Dec 11, 2019 Netgear and VPN Passthrough - ServiceMax I’ve just spent a couple of weeks fighting with a very frustrating problem- setting up VPN passthrough on a Netgear DGND3700v2. This is a reasonably high end device (for Netgear) and actually contains the ability to terminate VPN endpoints. However the built in VPN server does not support the built in VPN software in the Mac OS, and you have to use something like VPN Tracker (up to $20 Aus per month) or …

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Dec 10, 2018

The process for configuring VPN passthrough is usually explained in the reference manual, but I can not find a single reference to VPN except a pointer to a general explanation and something about changing the MTU. But the default MTU is large enough. Which makes me think that this router either doesn't support VPN passthrough or is just flawed.

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